Cremation is more and more demanded.

The company has a modern Crematorium, whose levels of polluting gases emissions are really low. The cremation process, that approximately takes 2 hours, is always controlled by computer technology.

The level of gas emission is certified by EUROCONTROL.

Ashes can be delivered to the family in 4 hours from the cremation. Placed in a funerary urn, the family decide the final destination: a cemetery (niche or columbarium), to spread them on earth or sea, or family custodia. 

There is an wide range of funerary urns, not only concerning aesthetic-artistic models, but concerning the materials used for its manufacture: metal, glass, wood. We also provide biodegradable urns.

The morgue has an ashes-delivery room at your disposal, where you can attend a farewell ceremony at the Crematorium