Heirs of a familiar tradition, now we find the fourth generation of this funerary businessmen family, who started in Felanitx (Balearic Islands) in the 30s. Three of the four founder’s children remained in the funerary business: tow of them as undertaker’s businessmen in Inca and Santanyí; the third stayed in Felanitx working in the funerary business  and as a coffin maker until he retired.

The company Parc the l’Auba, S.A. is made up by the founder’s children and grandchildren, who founded the company in Inca in the 40s. In the early 70s they established in Manacor, where the funerary companies of the municipality were taken over. Later, they have taken over other minor funerary companies from the region, reaching to Felanitx again and coming to a full circle started by the current owners’ great-grandfather nearly sixty years ago. Their first project was a morgue in the old-town of Manacor, which encountered the neighbourhood’s opposition. Two more projects came later which came up against many administrative and judicial objections. This fact made the construction of facilities be delayed. These facilities, which are considered to be completely necessary in terms of social and business requirements, are today working already.