After nearly two years of work already completed work on the new Parc de l′Funeral Auba of Felanitx.-

Facilities designed under the utmost respect for the environment and rural low environmental criteria are located opposite the Municipal Cemetery Felanitx.-

The natural lighting, sewage treatment, air conditioning and energy efficient lighting, the use of natural woods and extreme care in decorating with an enjoyable environment for visitantes.-

Offices, meeting rooms, funerary deposit, store, large hall and 2 meeting wake possible to provide funeral services with the highest standard of quality.-



Facilities PARC DE L′AUBA Manacor have been registered and licensed with n. 07/27037 by SOIB - Balearic Government, at national level, as a place of training for industry training specialties funeral Home.-

The formation of the specialties of EMBALMING (SANP0108), FUNERAL SERVICES OPERATIONS (SSCI0412), FUNERAL AND MAINTENANCE ACTIVITIES OF CEMETERIES (SSCI0212), I CUSTOMER SERVICE ORGANIZATION EVENTS PROTOCOL IN FUNERAL SERVICES (SSCI0312) relating to obtaining certificate of Competence, may be carried out in our instalaciones.-

With facilities such authorization Parc de l′Auba become the first and only authorized in the Balearic Islands to carry out this type of formation.-



Parc de L′Auba, Inc. Registered in the Carbon footprint, clearing and CO2 sequestration projets of the Spanish Climate Change Office of the Ministry of Agriculture, food and Environment.-

Registration is recognition of policies to reduce the environmental impac of our activities. Registration number 2014_00_a001 supposad to belong to the top 5 organizations around the state to get such recognition, being the first company in funeral services, including the services of funeral, Crematorium and Cemetery.-

With this inscription authorizes the Ministry Parc de l′Auba inc. the use of the label "REDUCE, COMPENSO Y CALCULO 2013".-




Parc de l′Auba aware of the need to minimize the impac of our activities on the enviroment starts the commercialization of coffin with "ECOLABEL" certification, made from PEFC timber from plantations and water-based varnishes meet the requeriments of UNE 160001:2003



the manager of the Parc de l′Auba, D. Onofre Garcia Prohens participed in the ongoing menagement of social responsability as SGE 21:2008, certifying their ability to participate inteam management and internal audit as well as provide training professionals such etinty



During the awards ceremony of the first round  "ETHICUM" organizazed by Eticentre, University of the Balearic Islands, Rotaru Palma Almudaina and the Chamber of Comerc of Mallorca, was handed to Parc de l′Auba distintive in gratitude for constant effort of innovation and sustainabilitry.-

Parc de l′Auba participates in the conference CSR


Parc de l′Auba part inthe open day an realities and perspectives of bussines menagement in the Balearic Islands from the perspective of CSR, organized by Directorate General for trade of Govern Balears, foretica and eticentre

Parc de l′Auba awarde for Social Responsability (8-10-13)


Pompas Funebres Manacor S.A.has ben certified by Tüv Rheinlad Iberica SCT, together with FORETICA by implementing social policies in their menagement.-

Started work on the new Parc de l′Auba Funeral Felanitx (30/06/2013)


In the early months of 2013 they have been initiated work on the new Parc de l′Auba Funeral Felanitx, modern facilities designed under environmental criteria and integrated into the lanscape will be completed in the summer of 201414

Urn presentation solidarity (19-6-2013)


The Cemetery Councillor the Hon. City of Manacor Ms. Maria Bover has presented at a press conference the project of solidarity urn. The project has been developed jointly by Aproscom and Parc de L′auba, the urns are made by workers wiht intellectual disabilities, making this initiative labor integration of this collective.

Oficial delivery distinctive EMAS (20.12.2012)


The Conseller of Agriculture, the Environment and Territory, Gabriel Company, and CEO Medi natural, Neus LLiteras, make delivery of the badges to facilities, services companies i have joined or renewed commitment to enviromental management systems EMAS and Ecolabel, both promoted by the European Union.

Meeting of the association of Funeral Homes in the Balearic Islands (30.11.2012)


November 30 was held in Inca orinary meeting of the Association of Funeral Homes in the Balearic Islands, where the election was held, naming as president in the Parc de L′Auba.

Ordinary meeting of the National Association of Embalming (Orense 24.11.2012)


Updated November 24, 2012 was held at the premises of the fair Funegal of Orense ordinary meeting of the Nacional Association of Embalming, in which elections were held, and re-elected as secretari D. Onofre Garcia Prohens Manager Parc de L′Auba.

Parc de l’Auba is awarded the ISO CERTIFICATION 14064-1:2006 (13/11/2012)


TÜV Rheinland Ibérica Inspection, Certification & Testing S.A. certifies the emissions of greenhouse effect gases from the company activities.

Parc de l’Auba, Certified Quality – Sal i llum (video 2/11/2012)


A documentary about the morgue “Parc de l’Auba” promoted by the company Pompas Fúnebres de Manacor, S.A. tells 20 years of history  on management, formalities required and administrative disputes to be able to built one of the most complex and complete funeral resorts in Manacor, to offer comprehensive service of morgue, cremation and cemetery. The company has been acknowledged by public and private business qualification companies.

Family relationship between Bauzà and the PP (popular party) from Manacor. (6/9/2012)


A hearse in front of the court.

Some of the councillors made use of black humour to get by and to lighten a morning shift full of gowns. Nadal himself joked with journalists who were waiting at court nº1 in Manacor, when he saw a hearse parked there, which belonged to Parc de l’Auba: “It may not have a happy end…” he joked.

More than 50% of income at a burial, come from unnecessary items. (14/7/2012)


Owner of the cemetery, private morgue and crematorium Parc de l’Auba. He′s been always involved in this family business, and it is inevitable to treat with the deceased family. He states it is not difficult to feel like the family after a time, as it is a situation he lives in his everyday life. He points out that the crisis has also affected this sector and its services, increasing the percentage on cremations.

Triple Certificate of the Management Integrated System. (25/7/2012)


Parc de l’Auba Servicios Funerarios manages the triple Certificate of Management Integrated System according to the rules ISO 9001 and ISO 134001, and the European Regulations 1221/EC EMAS III.

Presence in other municipalities. (9/7/2012)


The group García-Prohens, company in charge of payments and management of the new morgue, is also managing other funeral facilities, thanks to concessions, as the cases of Sant Llorenç and Son Carrió or because they are the owners, as the case of Pompas Fúnebres de Manacor, and one of the private cemeteries on the island el Parc de l’Auba, which is located next to the Son Coletes Cemetery in Manacor.

New Morgue in Felanitx. (9/7/ 2012)


Felanitx will have a new morgue in 2013. It has been confirmed by the Town Hall Planning area and the Company in charge of its construction and management, the Grupo García-Prohens. According to the building plan, which this newspaper could see, the morgue will have a hall with a reception and different waiting rooms, and two rooms especially equipped to have a wake over the deceased person. The rooms are connected to the  hearse garage.

Parc de l’Auba, awarded for Social Awareness and Environmental Respect (28/6/2012)


The well-known company Parc de l’Auba de Manacor has been certified ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 by TÜV Rheinland. The provided funerary services (cemetery, morgue and crematorium) are the first being awarded in Mallorca.

Manacor News (14/2/2012)


The Department of Constitutional Affairs (Justice, Rights and Democracy) assumes all transferal expenses for autopsies in Manacor and its judicial region, and will pay the undertakers’.

Magazine Empresarios (businessman) (May 2011)


50 years of  renowned experience providing funerary services, staff  human quality, knowledge of peculiarities and local customs, and a customized and comprehensive service are some of the core points the company is based on.

The Government wants to speed up the autopsies service to avoid any damage. (31/1/2011)


The chairperson of the Manacor neighbourhood association, Joan Ginard, met the Government General Director of the Legal Department, Marta Díaz, to claim that autopsies could be conducted in Manacor again, and this way avoid travelling to Palma and waiting up to 4 days so that the deceased corpse is returned to his/her region, Llevant. The private company Parc de l’Auba has offered its well-equipped facilities located next to the Son Coletes Cemetery several times.

The current crisis also affects people’s last wishes. (29/12/2010)


Nofre García Prohens, manager of Pompas Fúnebres de Manacor, Parc de l’Auba, considers “people spend less money, if they can do with one thousand euros, they won’t spend three thousand. Although there are also people who can afford spending much money; the price of a funerary service depends on the complements people require; urns, flowers, oak coffins…”

Inca will try out the crematorium in a few months (29/12/2010)


Since 2005, they are only conducted in Palma. That’s why many town halls near Manacor and even groups and associations such as the Llevant neighbourhood association, keep on insisting that Manacor should be able to conduct autopsies to avoid travelling to Palma and waiting for several days so that the deceased corpse is back to the region. Among the possible headquarters is Parc de l’Auba de Manacor, which has already offered its services. On the other hand, it really attracts attention the bigger and bigger demand of a Muslim cemetery in some towns.

Julve requests the fast service of autopsies be restored. (2/9/2010)


At the press conference yesterday, Julve said “the problem of lack of facilities is now solved in Manacor thanks to Parc de l’Auba, which has offered an autopsy room for free.” The municipalities of the judicial region support the private company Parc de l’Auba as a possible alternative (or other such as the hospital, local cemetery) as long as autopsies are conducted in Manacor, avoiding many trips to Palma and prolonging the family pain excessively.

Service of Autopsy (2/9/2010)


Neighbourhood associations demand restoring the service of autopsies.

ALM-UM will put the issue forward in the plenary session. This proposal is supported by 14 municipalities in the regions Pla and Llevant. Parc de l’Auba de Manacor, funerary company that has a morgue with an autopsy room, has offered its facilities, which keep the legal requirements,  for free.

Cremations increase dramatically in the only crematorium available in outer Palma. (22/9/2009)


Corpse cremations increase notably in the Capital of the Region Llevant. The only crematorium available that is no in the city of Palma, Parc de l’Auba de Manacor, opened its crematorium in 2008, reaching 170 cremations by the end of that year.

SEM’s and Freelancers (1/11/2008)


Ideas of business: Private cemeteries. The current legislation allows to build and construct cemeteries outside our town halls scope and monopoly. How can we do it? Nobody has said it’s easy due to the bureaucracy it entails, but it isn’t impossible. To take an obvious example, Spain already has a private cemetery and it is in Manacor, managed by the company “Pompas Fúnebres de Manacor, S.A.”

Flowers and Memorials Day (2/11/2007)


Manacor ramos y velas decorated the local cemetery. Beside the cemetery Son Coletes, the recently opened graveyard which is the first in private cemetery with morgue and crematorium in Spain, organised an Open Day. Tens of people attended Parc de l’Auba to visit the facilities that will house 1.224 burial units.

Opened the first private cemetery in Spain with morgue and crematorium (24/10/2007)


The first private cemetery in Spain will be opened in Manacor. It will also provide morgue and crematorium in the same enclosure.  There will be an Open Day the 1st of November, on All Saints’ Day.

Parc de l’Auba, as the resort is called, expects to become a response to the public funerary offer in the years to come, as a result of the decree on the relaxing of restrictions on this sector in 1997. The decree sets that the health regulation is in charge of the town halls, but the funerary services management can be carried out by any private company keeping the law in force and regulations applied.